A Self-Made Man (hugh_mannity) wrote in transletters,
A Self-Made Man

While I'm here....

Here is the boilerplate text of the letter that UK citizens need to get their gender changed on their passport. This gets submitted along with a copy of the name change document. The UK Consulate in Washington DC does a great job -- I got my new passport back in about 8 days with all the changed made correctly.

(Headed paper with full mailing address of PCP, Psychiatrist or consultant.)
Medical Reference No.
To whom it may concern.

This is to confirm that my patient [insert name], formerly known as [insert birth name], is currently undergoing treatment for gender reassignment to the [insert target gender] role.
This change of sex is permanent and your assistance in making the relevant changes to your records and in preserving full confidentiality would be appreciated.

PCP or Consultants signature
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