Caden (combatbootboy) wrote in transletters,

Hey folks... Here are two letters that my doc wrote for me. The first letter is specific to the lengthy backlog in ontario for getting a name change. (curently between 12-18 months)

The second letter is to assist me with travel or anything else that may require me to show id.

Hope it helps.

May 13, 2004

To the Office of the Registrar General:

I am writing to support the expediting of the legal name change for Caden *fullname*, born *female full name*. Caden is a female to male transsexual who has been living as male for over 2 years. He has been receiving hormones since February 2003 and has had surgery to reflect his male identity. Due to a short move to Quebec for family reasons, he has had to wait a year to be able to apply for a name change. He has had difficulty with having his ID accepted. He is concerned about using his ID due to discrimination, as well as fear for his physical safety. As a transsexual, using his ID exposes him as someone being born in a different gender, and this has exposed other transsexuals to violence, discrimination, and for some, death.

Additionally, it has become increasingly difficult for Caden to apply for additional employment, due to his certifications and diplomas being under a different name. Traveling has become difficult as his identification papers do not reflect the person he is. The legal name change would therefore greatly facilitate Caden's integration into society. For his physical and emotional well being we request that his name change be expedited in order to ensure his best interests.


*physicians name*, MD, CCFP

May 13, 2004

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to certify that *girl name* (*healthcare number*, *drivers liscence number*) is a female to male transsexual and as a result is living as a male and using the name Caden *fullname*. He has been on weekly injections of testosterone since February 2003 and as a result his voice has dropped into a male range, his appearance has changed and he has developed more facial hair. He has also undergone surgery to assist him in assuming his male identity.

As a result, it may be difficult for some to recognize him as the same individual appearing on the ID he is carrying. He is also currently waiting for a legal name change from the provincial government.


*doctors name*, MD, CCFP


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