January 2nd, 2005


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I wrote this letter as a sort of draft. I have no real intentions of giving it to my parents just yet,not until i can move out. I'm not sure if my letter sounds too bitter and hostile. The letter is behind the cut.

The next paragraph is a bit of a rant. You may want to skip it.

I dont feel as if this is something i owe them, and i dont feel like saying 'i love you' or anything like that. Being truly fuckin honest i'd say 'Thanx, i'm sure i had a great childhood but ever since i was around 12 you've been complete fuckheads towards me and showed me no respect and never even tried to understand me. Thanx for the financial support. I dont think anyone could ever understand my relationship with my parents. I feel as if i've been emotionally abused, but maybe its my own fault. My mum says i'm too sensitive. Maybe i am and maybe thats y i feel so fuckin hurt by them.

My names Jak, i'm 18 from Melbourne Aus, i still live at home and have just finished year 12 in 2004. I ID as something between androgynous and ftm.
my letter really sucks, i just dont know how to write it. I've read others letters to their parents, but i am not very clsoe to my parents at all and i'm not sure i want to be.

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