July 10th, 2006


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I'm posting this here as suggested by publictrans...

I am going to a primary care physician next week.

As part of my HMO plan, I am going to get that PCP to refer me to an endocrinologist.

I have asked my therapist to write me a letter to give to the PCP saying that I am a transgendered individual under her care and am/are ready for an endococrinologist referal.

But my therapist asked ME to write what I want the letter to say, then send that to her, then she will tweak it and fax it off to the PCP.

Does anybody have any good examples of letters like this? or is there somebody good with wording that can help me write it?

I am looking for suggestions here for things I can stick in the letter to make it brief yet powerful yet to the point.

Thanks :)