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Letter from PCP to Dr. Brownstein

I will be having chest surgery in March 2006 with Dr. Brownstein. As I am no longer seeing a counselor, he suggested that I could get a referral letter from the doctor who is overseeing my hormone treatment. At his request, my primary care physician has written the following letter...

November 30, 2005
RE: Elliot [lastname]
DOB: [date]

Dear Doctor Brownstein:

I am writing at the request of my patient, Elliot [lastname], to provide a letter of referral for surgical services. Elliot has been my patient since 2005 when he began care for assessment of hormone therapy for gender transition services. I have also been in contact with Dr. [psychologist], who has provided Elliot with psychological services relating to gender identity and adjustment issues. Prior to initiating care with Dr. [psychologist] and me, Elliot had initiated transition by assuming a masculine gender identity including life style and dress. By my personal experience and by Dr. [psychologist]’s communications, I believe Elliot has demonstrated stability, self-awareness, and remarkable responsibility in pursuing and following through with all therapies relating to this care.

Since our first meeting in March of this year, Elliot communicated a desire to pursue reconstructive chest surgery once hormone replacement therapy had been stabilized. After a thorough medical assessment and careful review of the medical and psychological implications of hormone therapy for transition, I initiated therapy for Elliot with weekly injections of testosterone cypionate 100mg IM. Over the summer, Elliot received instruction in self-injection and has continued to follow through with regular administration of medications and regular laboratory analysis to monitor medication effects. At this time, Elliot appears to have achieved a stable replacement hormone level.

It is my impression that Elliot has demonstrated significant appreciation and understanding of his transition needs and goals. I am quite confident that his ability to follow through on postoperative care will be excellent. I am also quite certain that this procedure is appropriate and will be beneficial in furthering his transition and recommend him to you for this procedure.

I will be continuing to manage Elliot in his primary care and hormone replacement needs over the next several years and would be happy to be a primary care contact for any follow-up to your treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or fax at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter.

Dr. [Primary Care]

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