Reed (radioreed) wrote in transletters,

July 7, 2006

Re: Reed C------ AKA ------ C------ (legal name)
DOB: 7/22/78

Christine Torres, M.D.
3034 W. Cleveland Street
Tampa, FL 33609

Dear Dr. Torres:

Reed C------ is scheduled for his first appointment with you on July 20, 2006. This letter verifies that he is psychologically ready to proceed with hormonal therapy, as per the following clinical evaluation.

Initial Reason for Referral: Since childhood, Reed C------ has been strongly and persistently aware of the desire to be male creating a severe mind/body conflict. The purpose of psychotherapy, which began on April 11, 2003, was to explore and resolve this conflict.

Presentation: Reed C------ presents as a medium height attractive male who looks younger than his chronological age. He dresses casually and has several piercings and tattoos.

Diagnostic Impression: Reed C------ meets the diagnostic criteria for DSM IV on Axis I: 3023.6 (Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood); currently there are no co-morbid psychiatric conditions although there have been times when Mr. C------ has experienced depression. The patient's intellectual functioning is above average. Ego-wise, the patient is syntonic - adaptive skills are good, and the patient exhibits a medium to high frustration tolerance. His capacity to delay and employ competent defense mechanisms is consitent with circumstances. The patient is oriented to person, place, time, situation, and reality.

Reed C------- has recently revealed plans to his father; his mother has known for some time and is supportive, as are friends. Mr. C------ is conscientious about working (while he has yet to inform his employer, his dress and manner are essentially the same as Reed and ------); he is a responsible self-pay. Mr. C------ is educated about the procedures, requirements, and is capable of making informed decisions regarding ongoing gender reassignment treatment.

Clinical Conclusion: Reed C------ is psychologically ready to proceed with hormonal therapy.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Sincerelly yours,
Kathleen L Farrell, Ph.D.
5545 62nd Avenue North
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

i was suprised that it was so in-depth, but am glad that it is so. i am very happy that i took the route of therapy as opposed to attempting to circumvent it.

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