TheNoTalentKid (thenotalentkid) wrote in transletters,

Help! Need to write an SRS letter

I would really like to have the doctor that did my hysto write my letter to change the gender on my birth certificate and social security. I am not sure what this letter needs to say or how it needs to say that the purpose of my surgery was for 'sex reassignment.'
Also, does stating it that way going to be a problem because the reason for surgery is officially documented (for insurance purposes) as endometriosis?
If anyone has an example of their SRS letter, I would greatly appreciate being able to look at it. The surgeon's office said if I drafted a letter and faxed it over, they could put it on their letterhead and sign it, I'm just not sure what it should say.
PS I live in Wisconsin and the statute says I need to have a letter from an SRS surgeon stating that I've had SRS surgery...whatever that means!
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