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letter for T

I had to re-type it, but you get the jest of the letter

This is a letter recommending Andrew Gadbois for hormone therapy in accordancee with the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association Standards of Care.
I have met with Drew weekly for the last year and screened him for both co-morbid mental health and drug and alcohol problems. Drew has been in recovery for over three years and is in no danger of relapse. At this juncture I do not have a additional diagnosis for Drew. He definitively meets the DSM fours criterion for Gender Identity Disorder and has been living in a "real-life experience" manner for over 12 months.
In addition to this Drew has demonstrated an ongoing and progressive gender consolidation process. He is ann intelligent and creative person and is gentle and graceful in his approach to his unfolding gender. He is conscious of the stressors that have come with his transition and actively addresses these issues as they come up.
Drew has come to me for this letter in order to be in compliance with the Standards of Care and is likely to do so in the future/if when he seeks further physical intervention. He has demonstrated knowledge of what hormones can and cannot do and their risks and benefits. Drew is likely to take hormones in a responsible manner. Although Mr. Gadbois is only seventeen years of age he will reach the majority in a couple of months. Recommended hormonal treatment will provide a significant psychological benefit.
If you have any questions or need further clarification please do not hesitate to call me at ***-***-****
Jonathan *******, MA, QMHP

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