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So close yet...

A response to this girl's Coming Out Letter from an Uncle...

[old Name],
Here is my response to your e mail: Unless someone has walked a mile in another person's shoes they have no right to judge. In light of that statement B and I hold no judgement or contempt for you. We will NEVER turn our backs on you. You are blood and we love you no matter what decisions you've made. I will always be your uncle and she your aunt in-law.

I think it's safe for me to speak on behalf of this whole family when I say that we believe that life is precious. We've all had to learn this the hard way. Your life is more precious to us than the decisions you've made or even the way you feel about yourself.

I also don't believe that God is mad or condeming of you. He came to save this world not to condem it. I understand what it is like to do some "soul searching" or "finding yourself" in life. Some people have to try and raise a family on their own and some have to backpack through Europe! You're at an transitional stage in your life. I do pray though that as you do this "soul searching" that you would take sometime to ask God to reveal Himself to you and what His plan is for your life. You may be an atheist or worship a little frog hopping by but whatever the case may be I promise you that if you ask, with a genuine heart, He will show you who you are and answer all of your questions!

We love you......P, B, E, and I

And to answer your question yes he is always that religious...

Lilly A. Noodle, Defender of Toast


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