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This Letter was written by my therapist (BEFORE) I had my identification changed on my driver licence. Basically, If I get pulled over by the cops and because of my changes with hormones, my identity will not match my ID.

To Who it may Concern

The bearer of this letter is : Jennifer ( Last Name) a.k.a. Joey Giambono

Jennifer/Joey has been medically diagnosed as gender dysphoric. My client is in psychotherapy for gender dysphoria. Joey is a female-to-male transexual, and he is taking the required steps for gender reassignment. Prior to any surgery, Joey is required to live as a male. He is not attempting to constue his identity ot to defraud anyone. He should be afforded the use of facilites such as restrooms and lounges, specifically designed for the use by men. He poses no threat to anyone's privacy, security, or safety.

The Illinois driver's license number is : ( blah Blah Blah) Exp 08/27/04 is a valid and correct license for Jennifer/Joey. The license remaines in the name of Jennifer until the birth certificate is changed by the court. If you have further questions regarding this individual you may contact me at the telephone number listed at the top of this letter. You may also contact me at my e-mail address.

Joey aka Jennifer is also under the care of Dr. Blah Blah in Evanston Illinios for medical care of his condtion. You may contact him at (123-345-4567) to verfity the information as stated.


Dr. Linda


I kept this in my wallet and my car at all times.

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